Arz-i Mevud (Ha’Aretz HaMuvtahat – Promised Land) is the highest pyramid in which the Jewish Halakhah is evolved by a long-term planning. This concept has found a place both in terms of metaphysics and ideology. It is this principle of Faith, which is the basic strategy that the short and long-term goals of Israel are based on, and that directs these goals, that causes the Jewish to survive throughout the history continues its existence under the conditions of a life and death matter. In an article in the issue of March 8th, 1989 of the Şalom (Shalom) newspaper, which is the press organ of the Jewish Congregation, It was written as, „to believe in God is not a fundamental belief of Judaism, on the other hand, Arz-ı Mev’ud is a fundamental belief.”. The Jews claim that the land from the Nile to the Euphrates belongs to them and that they are entitled to it since they are God’s chosen servants. Regarding the subject, in their distorted books it is said:

„I have said, Ye are gods; And all of you are sons of the Almighty one. (Psalms – A Psalm of  Asaph – 82:6)”, „For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder:… (Isaiah, Chapter 9:6) ”The task of realizing the Jewish ideal was given to the American state, which claimed to be the gendarmerie of the Earth and led to death, blood, and tears each time. The fact that America is not really independent and that the authority of issuing money by Federal Reserve (FED) is in the hands of a Jewish family is a parameter that will explain the whole process. American Presidents, themselves, expressed that they serve the centuries-old goals of Israel and help the realization of Israel’s „Arz-ı Mev’ud” Policy. Sigmund Rothschild proposed to Kennedy „to cover his election campaign expenses of millions of dollars, in exchange for pursuing a Pro-Israel policy in the Middle East after being elected as the president”. However, Kennedy asked that such a proposal should not occur again and stated that he felt insulted. Kennedy was extremely uncomfortable with the activities of the Israeli lobby over the American state. According to Kennedy, lobbying activities were a blow gotten in American independence. The aftermath was the infamous Assassination of Kennedy…

It is obvious that the American Intervention is not limited to Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq buy Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey are also in the queue as well. Minor thinkers or collaborating servants of the West have always accused these utterances of ours of being „conspiracy theories”. Now, the international face-lifted diplomacy mask of the Imperialists that was fortified with the sauce of democracy and masked by freedom, has fallen. The Americans, the English and the Israelis are provoking all ethnic and sectarian groups in the Islamic world against each other. Turkey also has its share of their provocations. Foreign powers are working to incorporate the Arz-ı Mev’ud into Israel on one hand, they also show their best effort to weaken Turkey, divide the country by transforming it into a soft bite and applying the 2nd Sevres on the other. Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman described the oil and natural gas exploration process that Lebanon had initiated as „very provocative” in his statement on January 31st. Israel has coveted on Lebanon’s underground resources, by keeping the process of destabilizing Lebanon alive. Israel, especially through Hezbollah and Iran, wants to suppress Lebanon with the Zionist lobby in the world. Lieberman, who calls the international firms not to join Lebanon’s oil and gas exploration process, said „the 9th Block where Lebanon will search for oil and natural gas belongs to Israel”. In the analysis published by Israeli Haaretz, there was a striking comment on the Saudi Arabia-based crisis in the Middle East. In the analysis, the statement, „Sunni Kingdom wants to move the battlefield from Syria to Lebanon. This could result in a chained interaction ” made. The United States is striving to create a satellite state of terror by creating chaos in the entire Middle East. In the long run, there is a strategy to evolve into the unstable little tribal states that must be swallowed up in the region to end Israel’s tragedy of security and acceptance. The main purpose, here, is feeding the aggressive security reflexes of Israel as well as the struggling to realize the Arz-ı Mev’ud by establishing fragmented tribal states. Thus the whole region between the Euphrates and the Nile river will be under control. Again, this plan will make all the regional states, especially Lebanon, open to all the interventionist interests of the imperialists, which will cause the region to enter the new axis of artificial conflict.

The new world order, which has been tried to be designed after September 11, will be completed through the practice of the Middle East by incorporating all of the countries in the region by the new war practices that are attempted to be formed especially through sectarianism as well as nationalism. The AFRIN Campaign started by Turkey, on the other hand, is a struggle for survival and a regional counter movement against the terror line and the terror corridor that was intended to be established by the USA. Turkey’s imprisonment by Imperialism for a hundred years has been inverted to a new process by partly dismantling NATO elements after the treacherous coup attempt on July 15th, and Turkey’s new independence war began. After the Afghan operation, the US’s multifaceted ambiguity policies have been deciphered, and the Rakka plan of the terror supporter US has been deciphered by the BBC to the whole world. Again, the US subsidized the PYD (PKK) terror with five thousand trucks weapons and similar aids. Peace can come to the Middle East only after the colonialist US and its partners abandon the region.


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